Tonya McMullan

Image4_2000_cTonya McMullan is an interdisciplinary artist who studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art. Through the course of her practise she has been involved with and initiated many artist run projects including Infinity Farm – an urban agriculture and art project and the Bath House, a visual art and residency space in Belfast. Tonya is a recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Artist Career Enhancement Award and in 2015 this culminated in a solo presentation of a performative installation, Sit Down Cross Legs Link Arms, at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Derry-Londonderry. Tonya’s practise revolves around the exploration of everyday life in the public space through context-specific, process-based, participatory and performative interactions and interventions within a place. The running themes often center around the everyday experience and the work draws on the unique qualities of a space or situation; sometimes relying on public interactions to complete the work. Often working collaboratively in a social context the work manifests in an experience either in or informed by public space. Essentially Tonya’s work explores the context of her environment and its confines in an attempt to both challenge and touch the participant/ viewer.