Lorraine Burrell



Lorraine Burrell. My practice is concerned with documenting the (my) female body in a variety of spaces, including my home, garden, and studio. Using photography and video as a documentation tool, I record the body as a conveyor and site for ideas relating to physical and psychological space. Through the act of trying to describe, and the process of stripping back visual information within the image, I try to create a space to be filled with something else.

Photographing myself has always been challenging in the context of revealing my identity.  As a consequence of this tug between what to expose and what to hide, I began to construct props that I wore to cover myself. This ploy allows me to convey contradictory notions of revealing/disguising, private/public.

The work has two intertwining themes: one is my relationship to photography and how and why I choose to photograph myself; and the other is the idea of a buffer or defence against something both physical and emotional.

Burrell is from Belfast where she lives and works.  She completed an MFA at the University of Ulster in 2005.

Burrell has exhibited both nationally and internationally most recently  To Camera, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2015); Little Kingdoms, Catalyst Arts (2014),  Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art, Golden Thread Gallery (2013);  EverydaySelves, Belfast Exposed (2012);  This little bag of dreams, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco (2011); Mostyn Open, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales (2011); and Studies, Third Space Gallery, Belfast (2010).