Leo Devlin




Devlin’s work begins with objects, images and materials that are intuitively selected over a long period of time. The collection builds and acts as a resource from which the artist draws out relationships between material qualities or behaviours; in the process assembling a subject or matter to deal with. These acts of observation and generation create visual equations, the expressions emphasised by the artist through drawing and installation. These bodies of work are then later decanted into experimental activity, which at the live event often become imbued with qualities of the specific site.


Leo Devlin
Leo Devlin (b.1983, Omagh) is a visual artist based at Flaxart studios, Belfast. He received a First class (hons) degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Ulster in 2006. Leo has shown his work locally and internationally. Selected Exhibitions include, Golden Thread Gallery’s project space, Belfast; Today I wrote nothing (2016), Salzamt Gallery, Linz, Austria; Eight (2014), BB15 gallery, Linz Austria; Three (2014), Performance Space, London UK; In conversation, durational performance in collaboration with Bean and Benjamin Sebastian (2013), PS2 gallery, Belfast; Rain (2012), Queens University Belfast, Black Market International, curated by Bbeyod; the Art of the Encounter (2012), OUI performance, York UK; Action Art Now (2012), Platt Chapel, Manchester UK; In Remembrance 11/11/11 curated by Made in Art (2011), Site based performance Art tour, Lucerne, Zurich and Basel; Landvermassion (2010), Arts Electronic, Linz, Austria; Soft Bodies (2010), Plymouth Arts center UK; The Pigs of today are the Hams of Tomorrow – the preservation of performance art, curated by the Red Ape (2010), Chapter Arts center, Cardiff, Wales; Experimentica (2009), Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland; Arsenal Performance festival (2009), Gallery Animal, Santiago, Chile; Performance Irelanda (2008), Pannuhalli Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland; La Bas Dynamical (2008), MAS Gallery, Odzaci, IZBA Gallery, Novi Sad and VIP Art gallery, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade Serbia; International Multimedia Art Festival (2007). His work is in the Collection of the University of Ulster and several private collections.
E: leodevlin83@yahoo.co.uk
Leo Devlin was born in Omagh in 1983, and is currently based in Belfast. He received a First class honers degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in 2006. He has exhibited widely in Gallery’s and specific sites in Ireland, the UK, Europe and South America. His work is in the private collection of the University of Ulster.