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Midori Mitamura


Flax Art Studios International Resident – Midori Mitamura

 1st April – 31st  May 2014




Midori Mitamura is based in Tokyo, Japan, she has exhibited widely including recent exhibitions:- 2013 “Before the Daybreak” Gallery Terra Tokyo, Tokyo.  2012 “Over the Rainbow” Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo.  Mitamura will carry out Art & Breakfast in Belfast during her two month residency at Flax Art Studios, Belfast.  Art & Breakfast is an ongoing project that Mitamura produces whilst staying in an art space. The project has taken place in Stockholm (2006), Tokyo (2008,2012),Berlin (2010), Melbourne (2011) and  Vienna (2013).

It starts from eating breakfast together with visitors.  Art & Breakfast Belfast will take place in the Project Space of the Golden Thread Gallery 1st – 24th May 2014.

Ordinary objects collected through daily life and interpersonal communication are transformed into a spatial installation. Numerous small installations reflect the transient nature of memory and emotional awareness.

Its framework makes for an intimate exchange, whereby atmosphere, open-ended possible narratives and a kind of everyday mise-en-scene are built and shared between artist and visitor.

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International Residents: Azahara Cerezo (Madrid) and Mario Santamaria (Barcelona)

 Azahara Cerezo (Madrid) and Mario Santamaria (Barcelona)

January 20th  to March 18th  2014.


Cerezo and Santamaria propose an action that consists of making ourselves visible in the described socio-economic reality through a symbolic and ironic appropriation.  “During the two months residency we will use an armband as identifier, we will be marked by the economic debt acquired by our country. We will produce a series of situations and contradictory images thus giving shape to a project of a performative nature that will take place in the day-to-day life, as a dispersed action in the city. We get close to macroeconomic processes in order to transfer them to the micropolitics of the body and interpersonal relations that occur in the urban space.  Through the “rescued people buying food”, “rescued people riding a bicycle” or “rescued people taking coffee” scenes we approach an action that addresses the cracks of the imaginary production conventions involved in this explained process of social reconfiguration.  As part of the project, we want to produce the armband massively, so that we can distribute it in Belfast and contribute to the visibility of more rescued people. We will document our “rescued” life producing varied video and

graphic material from all the situations and reactions generated.

Belfast The Northern Irish capital city is experiencing a rise of immigration from rescued countries -especially Spain and Greece- due to the economic crisis and the opening of Belfast as a result of the peace process. According to NISRA (Agency of the Department of

Finance and Personnel), the applications from Spanish people to obtain the NiNo in Belfast have increased 60 per cent since 2009. We want to approach these social changes and we believe that Belfast is the right place to develop this project, because of the situation between Ireland (a rescued country) and the United Kingdom (one of the countries where Euroscepticism is growing).  In Belfast territoriality is highly present in the very distribution of the space in the city due to the conflict. We want to enrich our project from History as well as enrich the city with our proposal.”